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Contracts of Carriage by Land, Rail, Air and Waterways(.)



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Contract for the Carriage of Goods by Road, Rail, Air and Inland Waterways provides in-depth clause-by-clause analysis of the major international conventions and standard form contracts within these areas.


Course highlights

In-depth clause-by-clause analysis and commentary of the major international Conventions and standard form contracts within these areas

Two standard forms of contract for internal carriage by rail

Citation of the relevant case law and statutes

Extended commentary on the Montreal Convention 1999 on carriage by air, implemented 2004 and on CIM 1999 implemented 2006

Extensive reference to British Waterways Conditions for the Carriage of Freight 2003 and Waterways Freight Vessel Conditions 2003

Industry developments and their legal ramifications, including those arising from relevant EU Directives, in relation to the carriage of goods by inland water


Session is delivered in 4 sections:

Carriage of goods by road

Carriage of goods by rail

Carriage of goods by air

Carriage of goods by inland water


Logistics Contracts:

Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport Contracts is a comprehensive session to the law in relation to contract forms and terms created by operators, trade associations or international bodies such as the UN and used as a basis for trading conditions by freight forwarders, logistics suppliers, combined or multimodal transport operators and container operators.

Contract forms and terms - objective is the supply or procurement of multimodal carriage, as well as where they are directed to the use of combined transport equipment (ie containers, swap bodies). Freight forwarding contracts - Contract of transportation - Contracts with customers - Quotations - Orders - Regulations - Credits - Invoicing - Filing - Archiving.

Legal Basis in Transportation: Hague - Visby Rules - Hamburg Rules - Warsaw convention - Hague protocol to Warsaw Convention 1955, International carriage of goods by Road (CMR), 1956 - General conditions of freight forwarding - Conditions of Contract (Air Way Bill (AWB), Bill of Lading (B/L)) - Institute Cargo Clauses (A,B,C) - General Conditions of Marine Insurance on Goods (GCMI 1988).

Contracts of Carriage by Land, Rail, Air and Waterways Contracts of Carriage by Land, Rail, Air and Waterways Contracts of Carriage by Land, Rail, Air and Waterways


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